Where to buy a revolving credit loan?

Consumer credit formerly known as revolving credit or revolving credit, revolving credit provides customers with credit to use at any time and to replenish. It is possible to subscribe this revolving credit in several different establishments as needed.

Subscribe a revolving credit in a bank

Subscription to the revolving credit can be done in a bank, whether traditional or online. To do this, simply contact a financial advisor and agree on operating and reimbursement procedures, or directly fill out an online application form, when dealing with a bank on the Internet.

The request for revolving credit can be made whether one is already a client or not of the bank sought.

Note that if you are not a customer, the bank authorizes the right to claim the opening of a current account to compensate for refunds in case of problems.

In a consumer credit institution


To subscribe a revolving credit, it is also possible to apply directly to a consumer credit organization. With a certain solvency and good financial health allowing repayments in case of problem, the latter grants the revolving credit rather quickly.

Rates are generally higher in this type of institution, but access conditions are also softened.

In a supermarket

Today, banks and consumer credit organizations are not the only ones to allow the subscription of a revolving credit. From now on, future borrowers can turn to retail chains or mail-order companies to respond to this service.
In general, it is an improved loyalty card that also allows you to pay for certain purchases with this reserve credit, in the store itself. It should be noted that this revolving credit can not be used elsewhere than in the stores concerned.

Where to subscribe a revolving credit on the best terms?

Where to subscribe a revolving credit on the best terms?

The place of subscription for revolving credit depends on the immediate needs of the future borrower.

Indeed, banks and consumer credit agencies allow users to use the credit amount where they want, thanks to a credit card.

On the other hand, retail chains only allow this use in partner brands.
In addition, not all institutions offer the same amounts and, depending on financial need, attention will have to be paid to revolving credit limits. In any case, if the amount of the credit is greater than € 1000, all the lenders will have to accompany their offer with a proposal for a depreciable credit.