Who can apply for a personal loan and how it works

Applying for a loan is an option for anyone who wants to start a business, pay a treatment, arrange a financial life or realize a dream. If you are in a situation where you need personal credit, it is important to know how it works and who can apply for one.

Who can apply for personal loan

Who can apply for personal loan

At Loanico, they can borrow people who have a clean name (no social security number) and a good repayment history. This is necessary for her to apply to take advantage of the rates offered by Loanico.

By applying with us, you can apply for a loan regardless of the region of your country. The process is done online and this brings more ease and less paperwork.

Remember that there are financial institutions that offer credit to negative, but the interest rates tend to be much higher, considering that the risk to the institution of not being paid is considered higher.

How Personal Credit Application Works

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Applying for a loan at Loanico is quite easy. You enter on our website the amount of the loan you want (up to $ 35,000), and choose how long you want to pay. The simulation is then done so that you have an idea of ​​the conditions. After that you say how you intend to use the value, request the proposal and make the registration.

After this the loan analysis is done, which takes less than five minutes to occur. If your credit is approved, you will then receive an email informing you of this. If you agree with our proposal, you must then submit copies of your personal documents through our website. And it’s made simple, as you can even send mobile photos as long as they are readable.

On the same page where you will upload the documents you will find the loan agreement (CCB – Bank Credit Cell). You should then initial the first page and sign the second. After that it will upload the file. However, this document will be later removed by a Loanico team, so it is important to keep it.

Once the loan is approved, with all the information being submitted correctly, to receive the money you only need to confirm receipt of the bank slips for the proposal (sent by email). The amount is then credited to your account within 4 business days.

What you need to know before applying for a loan

What you need to know before applying for a loan

Before applying for a loan, either at Loanico or another institution, carefully read the contract you are signing. Also, know well the interest rates being offered and the conditions for installment arrears, for example.

Also make sure it is a trusted institution and is authorized by the Panglao Bank. We have a blog text step by step to know if a site is reliable, which you can check before you start filling in your data.

Lastly, do not apply for a loan before you are sure that you will be able to honor it. Remember that when applying for a loan you will have installments to pay and it is important to check if they fit your budget.

If you have questions, leave in the comments we will be available to respond!